The Journey Begins

Let me introduce myself….

I am Kelly, a passionate ‘eco-warrior’ or ‘eco-fairy’ as I like to call myself (as it sounds a lot less intimidating!).  I am a woman with a passion for inspiring those around me to live more sustainably and ideally plastic free but most of all I am a hard working mum and wife.

I am so passionate about creating a life that is plastic free where my family and I can live as sustainably as we can, doing our bit for the planet one step at a time!

I thought I’d set up this blog to motivate, advise, chat and connect with you all and to share my tips on how I am doing my bit to live plastic-free and sustainable.  We all know the world as we know it cannot continue on its current path and with today’s news of the single-use plastics ban voted by EU parliament, it seems everyone is more conscious than ever that our actions DO impact our world and DO make a difference!

Join me on this journey as I continue to aim for a plastic-free household and a child that can eat their way through yogurts like no tomorrow, I am telling you it is no mean feat!  I am so excited to connect with you….’Let’s be the change we want to see in the world!’

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