What inspired me to go plastic free…

Ok, so I haven’t always been super eco-conscious nor did I care too much in the past how sustainable our planet was.  That reason being that I was completely naive and consumed as we often are, with the concept of buying bright, new shiny things ourselves and also things that filled our homes.

That was until I read the amazing book by Will McCallum called How to give up plastic whilst on holiday and it completely opened my eyes to the damage we as humans were doing to our planet.  The one fact that stayed with me was by 2050 it is predicted that there will be more plastic in the sea than there are fish….I mean, WOW!!

Since reading this book I went on to search for further inspiration from Instagram, Facebook and cruelty-free blogs which I must say are a fountain of knowledge, beauty, and love.  By May this year our family had halved the amount of plastic we consumed in our household and since then we have reduced it even further by a third and aim to become practically zero waste!  We have all converted to soap bars to wash and shampoo our hair with and I recently found some GORGEOUS hair conditioner in a glass bottle with an aluminum lid….HEAVEN!! I wash our clothes with soapnuts, we use an organic natural toothpaste and recycled toilet paper….there are endless swaps you can do to help the environment and your pocket!

I have created my own natural organic household cleaner so no more toxic bottles to clean the house, with just a pure white vinegar/water citrus infused combo and an added splash of Doterra OnGuard! Works amazingly well with no toxic fumes and I can just refill my glass bottle when I’ve run out.  Super cost effective and our house has never felt so clean and toxic free since we moved in!

I’ll be featuring all my swaps and showing you what simple purchases over the coming weeks that have made a massive difference to our family, our house and our monthly shopping budget….in a GOOD way!

The Journey Begins

Let me introduce myself….

I am Kelly, a passionate ‘eco-warrior’ or ‘eco-fairy’ as I like to call myself (as it sounds a lot less intimidating!).  I am a woman with a passion for inspiring those around me to live more sustainably and ideally plastic free but most of all I am a hard working mum and wife.

I am so passionate about creating a life that is plastic free where my family and I can live as sustainably as we can, doing our bit for the planet one step at a time!

I thought I’d set up this blog to motivate, advise, chat and connect with you all and to share my tips on how I am doing my bit to live plastic-free and sustainable.  We all know the world as we know it cannot continue on its current path and with today’s news of the single-use plastics ban voted by EU parliament, it seems everyone is more conscious than ever that our actions DO impact our world and DO make a difference!

Join me on this journey as I continue to aim for a plastic-free household and a child that can eat their way through yogurts like no tomorrow, I am telling you it is no mean feat!  I am so excited to connect with you….’Let’s be the change we want to see in the world!’