what it does?
Reduce your waste. Reduce your costs. Reduce your impact.

What the Eco Fairy does

In 2007, then-President of France, Nikolas Sarkozy, established a committee composed of a wide range of experts and interested parties, including scientists, officials, non-governmental organizations, citizens and others to debate and draw up a plan of action to tackle various environmental issues. It came to be known as the “Grenelle Environnement“. In October of that year, they submitted 20 measures detailing concrete actions for sustainable development in France.

The Eco Fairy was designed in accordance with the Grenelle Environnement measures, particularly:

• Waste reduction at its source
• Responsible management of waste

The Eco Fairy reduces food waste at the source in both mass and volume. The resulting compost that it produces not only reduces the waste’s harmfulness but is actually beneficial for the environment. Eco-Digester creates a positive impact from both a qualitative and quantitative standpoint.

Accelerates the fermentation

Depending on the quality of the organic waste you put into the The Eco Fairy, it will take between three and 24 hours to process it into compost. Once inserted in the tank, the temperature is raised to approximately 160°F, activating microorganisms that bloom and consume the waste. The raw organic waste is reduced to as much as 10% of its initial volume under the action of an accelerated thermophilic and aerobic fermentation.

Reduces the volume

The Eco Fairy reduces the mass and volume of waste at its source by as much as 90%, thereby reducing the costs of transporting it as well as the carbon emissions expelled in transit.

Scales to size

The Eco Fairy comes in sizes ranging from the Eco Fairy Mini for home and office use all the way up to massive machines that are custom designed and built to handle even the largest municipality’s needs. This means that raw organic food waste can be dealt with at its source, rather than having to be transported to another facility or location for processing. Also, raw organic food waste can be processed at the same pace at which it’s produced, making it a very efficient solution for any organization or institution wishing to reduce their carbon footprint as well as their costs.

Eliminates odors

The air inside the The Eco Fairy is heated to approximately 160°F to activate the thermophilic bacteria. In our commercial and industrial The Eco Fairy, this air is then treated and purified through eight-phase filters with a double odor treatment function before being released into the atmosphere. The result is no odors or noxious fumes!

Household The Eco Fairy (ED Mini and ED 5Kg) produce a safe, mildly yeasty gas, similar to compost purchased at your local garden center. However, they can be vented outdoors or down a waste pipe through the provided ventilation hose.

Wastes no water

The Eco Fairy does not consume any water and does not produce any gray water. Absolutely no plumbing required, including feed pipes or drainage.

The activity of microorganisms, increased tenfold by the high temperature of The Eco Fairy during the fermentation process, results in the massive destruction of active parasites, insect eggs and various germs, resulting in very dry, clean, and hygienic output.

Stays quiet

The Eco Fairy operates at a noise level of approximately 3 dB, which means it’s literally no louder than a whisper.

The Eco Fairy Solutions

Our complete line of composting equipment can suit practically any size operation, from your home’s kitchen to large scale farming.

Custom Solutions

The Eco Fairy can design, build and install a customized composting solution for your large institution or municipality

How It Works

Thermophile bacteria thrive in particularly hot environments. We activate the bacteria by cranking up the heat, causing them to bloom and feed on the raw waste.