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The Ecofairy Home Composter has a daily capacity of 11lbs and is perfect for residential use! Our Ecofairy Home Composters works just as efficiently as our commercial line, turning food waste into compost in 24 hours.
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The Ecofairy Home Composter can compost up to 11lb of food waste per day, turning waste into a valuable resource that can be used to fertilize plants or grow fruits and vegetables. With a 90% reduction rate, compost will only need to be removed from the unit on a weekly basis.
The Ecofairy Home Composter helps users divert food waste from the landfill, reduce the amount of methane gas generated from organic waste, and decrease carbon emissions and one’s carbon footprint. 

Please note that The Ecofairy Home Composter produces a Mild Earthy Smell.

Benefits from using the Ecofairy Home Composter:

- Provides a nutrient-rich "super soil" to add to your garden, lawn and house plants.
- Takes as little as 6 to 24 hours. Reduces use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides.
- Can reduce gardening water bill by 30%.
- Can reduce garbage by 30%.
- Big enough for a family of eight.
- Improves soil texture and water holding capacity where used as an amendment.
- Reduces dependence on gasoline for transport to landfills.

The Ecofairy is proud of shipping The Ecofairy WorldWide. We invite you to choose your voltage based on your destination.

Please note that it takes The Ecofairy Home Composter up to 60 days to arrive, so please be patient :)