5 Unexpected Lessons that Being Eco-Friendly Can Teach You



Choosing to be environmentally friendly isn’t a selfless thing. However, by choosing to play your part in helping the planet you may learn some important lessons that can make life more enjoyable. 

Here are just five of the unexpected lessons that being eco-friendly can teach you. 


  1. How to be Frugal

Whether it’s turning off the plug and taking it out of the socket when you’re done watching television for the night, or just remembering to turn off the lights when you leave a room, small changes can add up to real savings. 

Once this becomes second nature, you’ll inevitably start to look at other ways to save money. From insulating your roof to shopping around when it’s time to renew your insurance, being green can help eliminate wasteful spending from your life. 


  1. There are More Important Things in Life than Money 

When you understand how human actions are putting species at risk you gain a greater appreciation of wildlife and how extinct really does mean forever. 

When you accept that you cannot save the world by yourself but need to work with, encourage and inspire others to take the environment seriously and bring about change, you begin to appreciate the remarkable things we can do when we all put our efforts towards a common goal. 


  1. To See the Value in Everything

When you start to see opportunities where previously you only saw waste, your mindset can change, and you begin to see the value in everything around you. 


  1. Your Health is Important

When you start to think about what’s good for the planet and your grandchildren’s future, you’ll inevitably start to think more about what’s good for your own health. As you cut down on the energy you waste you might find yourself more inclined to eat a healthier diet, and as you make it your mission to recycle more, you’ll discover that your body also still has its uses, prompting you to get more active. 


  1. To Open your Mind

There’s no doubt though that taking an interest in environmental concerns will open your mind and change your outlook. 

Many people who have become more environmentally aware haven’t given up meat, but they have decided that, despite how delicious Argentinian beef may be, the huge carbon footprint it carries with it can’t be justified when there is local produce that tastes just as good. 

Suddenly the idea of a hybrid or electric car doesn’t seem quite so stupid. At the very least you’ll start to think about how to make more fuel-efficient driving choices. 



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