A Helpful Guide To Transition Your Skin Care to Be More Eco-Friendly




Here are seven ways you can reduce your carbon footprint and create an eco-friendlier skin care regimen.  


  1. Inspect the Ingredients 
  • Wet wipes are blocking the sewage systems and killing marine life 
  • Sunscreen could be destroying coral reefs 
  • Products with palm oil are causing mass deforestation 

Always read the list of ingredients while shopping. It is best to avoid parabens, sodium laureth, plastic microbeads, phthalates, artificial colors, and chemical preservatives. Find brands that focus on environmentally responsible and non-harmful ingredients.  


  1. Use Multipurpose Beauty Products

An eco-friendly way to green your beauty routine is to use products that are multiuse. Buying one product that can do several things, rather than multiple items, helps reduce waste and minimizes resource use for production. Fewer products mean less packaging, which means less waste.   


  1. Be Mindful of Waste 

Look for plastic-free packaging, or if possible, products that aren’t packaged at all. Look for solid shampoo and conditioner bars and wash with bar soap. The less you have to buy the less waste you create. 


4. Less Is More  

Take a more natural approach to skin care and simply use fewer products. Find one cleanser that works. Use it every time you cleanse. No need for multiple products. Same for moisturizer. Find one your skin likes and use it twice a day. Try to find products that you can use for more than one use.  


  1. Try DIY Skin Care

By using more homemade and natural skin careyou’ll be supporting eco-friendly and a waste-free beauty routine.  


  1. Recycle the Empty Container 

Don’t just throw the empty containers in the trash. Recycle anything that can be. Typically, there will be a 1, 2 or 5 within a triangle on the bottle if it can be recycled. And go the extra mile to support companies that use recycled materials in their packaging.  


  1. Give Away Products You No Longer Need

Contact a local shelter or charity if the product is unopened or gently used so they can be distributed to those in need.  






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