Benefits of Buying Less



Climate change has largely been caused by the deeply entrenched consumerist culture we have found ourselves in. Consumerism is woven into the fabric of our society and is integral to the maintenance of our economic system. The thing is capitalism only works if consumers buy things. In capitalism, the more we consume the better, because more consumption equals more economic growth. 

If we want to tackle climate change head-on, we must examine how we live our lives and how this impacts the planet and our co-inhabitants. We must also determine whether being part of this consumerist culture makes us happy.

Here are the benefits you can experience by buying less and buying better: 

👉 You’ll spend less 

Reducing your consumption in general will save you money and allow you to focus on saving for other things. 

👉 You’ll feel more content 

Buying more can often lead to dissatisfaction, as the ‘thrill’ of the purchase wears off. Once you cut down on the amount you buy and no longer strive for more, you quickly begin to care less and become content with what you have.  

👉 You’ll reduce your carbon footprint 

It takes a huge amount of energy and natural resources and creation of factories whose operation creates toxic by-products to produce the goods we consume. Once we are finished with these goods and products, they usually end up in a landfill as waste. Thus, the less we consume, the less damage we will do to the environment. 

👉 You’ll experience a mind shift 

Rejecting consumerism and the marketing that goes with it really makes one aware of how frequently we are encouraged to consume. Taking a step back from this and becoming an observer, rather than a participant, is an eye-opening experience. It allows you to experience an overall mind shift and focus your energy on other things which give you more satisfaction. 


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