Buy Local Food and Support Social Sustainability!




Buying local sustainable food supports people in your own community! Farmers often only receive a portion of the money made on their crops. Their profits go to a variety of external sources such as transportation, processing, packaging, refrigeration and marketing. Farmers who sell directly to local consumers receive a fuller monetary value for their produce.
Local Foods Create Community 
Knowing where your food is from connects you to the people who raise and grow it. Instead of having a single relationship with a big supermarket, you develop smaller connections to more food sources. All of the sudden, you know vendors at the farmers market, the buying manager at the local cheese shop, the butcher at your favorite meat counter, the workers at the co-op that sells local eggs, the roaster, and barista at the local café.
For some people, the benefit of this is social and psychological; for all of us, though, it pays off in the foods we eat. People who know you tend to want to help you, whether it's giving you a deal on a leg of lamb, letting you know when your favorite tomatoes will be on sale or setting aside a wedge of your favorite cheese.” 



At The Eco Fairy, our goal is to help you build a more sustainable life by offering you a line of reusable products. We offer products that last and that will help you reduce the amount of plastic you use.   


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