Buyerarchy of Needs: Less Stuff More Sustainable



Lowest priority: Buy! 
Some items are hard to buy second hand (ex. Electronics, appliances, undergarments etc.) When you do buy new items- try to purchase ethical and sustainable products whenever possible. 
2nd priority: Make! 
Don’t want to buy it? Try making it yourself! This level may be low on the buyer-archy due to the need for purchasing a whole pile of supplies depending on your project! Consider using secondhand supplies (fabric, craft supplies etc.) to greatly reduce your impact! 
3rd priority: Thrift! 
Thrifting promotes a circular economy, supports your community, and keeps textile waste out of landfills. You can find pretty much anything at a thrift store if you’re patient. This removes the need to buy new! 

4th and 5th priority: Swap and Borrow! 
Consider swapping items with friends or family or participating in local clothing swaps! This can reduce the amount of items you need, especially if it’s an item you only use occasionally and could share with others! 
Highest priority: Use what you have! 
Mending and up-cycling prolongs life of items and keeps them out of landfills! Be conscious of over-consuming and pay attention to what items bring you joy or value. 
Another level not in this chart that I think should be considered is donating! It’s super important when buying new or thrifting to donate items you no longer want, back to a donation center in your community. This can help make sure you only keep items that you really love and bring value to your space and can help others who are shopping second hand get what they need! Donating is also a good alternative to throwing out your old items! 



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