Change How You Impact the Environment




Actions can be taken every day to reduce your ecological footprint or the mark you leave on your natural environmental and its resources. Reduce your impact on the planet by being conscious about how you’re affecting it. Every little bit of effort helps. 

Here are some simple ways to reduce your impact on the environment: 

  • Pick up litter in your neighborhood 
  • Recycle or upcycle 
  • Pay attention to what you pour down your drains or use on your lawns 
  • Compost 
  • Drive less by walking, biking or using public transportation 
  • Take shorter showers 
  • Use only what you need 
  • Don’t let the water run when you’re washing dishes or brushing your teeth 
  • Eat one vegetarian meal a week 
  • Use green products 
  • Turn off the lights or the TV when you’re not in a room 

What you do today could change which resources are available for future generations. 



At The Ecofairy, our goal is to help you build a more sustainable life by offering you a line of reusable products. We offer products that last and that will help you reduce the amount of plastic you use.   


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