Easy Ways to Cut Down on Home Waste




It’s a sad fact that the waste that we produce every year is having an extremely negative impact on the environment, and it’s becoming more important than ever to try and cut down on the amount of waste that we create on a daily basis.  

Use these tips and tricks to reduce the amount of waste that you and your family end up with at the end of the day.  


1. Purchase in Bulk 

Buying items in bulk actually makes sense in a number of ways. Firstly, it cuts down on the amount of packaging needed – instead of buying multiple items individually over time, rather buy a large number of them all at once. Secondly, it does save on money in the long run. Bulk items are generally discounted, so the more that you buy, the more you will have available, and the more you will end up saving thanks to the cheaper overall price of each, individual item in the pack.  


2. Compost 

Composting is an excellent way of getting rid of all the organic waste that you get from cutting vegetables and other food items. Instead of throwing them into the trash, rather consider building a small compost heap somewhere on your property. It’s a cheap and surprisingly easy method of turning old, unusable organic material into something that can be used later down the line. The end result is a dark, rich substance known as humus, which is the perfect stuff to start planting your own garden. Compost can also be left for long periods, allowing you to follow other activities. 


3. Replace Paper with Cloth 

Paper towels, napkins, and cleaning wipes all make our lives that much more convenient, but they also add to the tremendous amount of waste that we’re seeing being dumped in landfills every year. Old cloth works just as well, and can be taken form used clothing, bedding, towels, and so much more. 


4. Pay Bills Online 

It’s still standard practice for most companies to send their bills via physical mail, which contributes to the ever-growing problem of paper waste. Most of these companies will also offer the choice of selecting the method of bill delivery, which will almost always include an online option, allowing to do everything from your computer, and to avoid having those annoying envelopes all over the house.


5. Buy Reusable Bottles 

One of the biggest problems that the environment is facing at the moment is the overabundance of one-time use items, such as disposable cups and packages. Rather than purchasing disposable items on a daily basis, such as a bottle of water, consider instead buying a long-term reusable water bottle that you can take with you everywhere, and won’t ever need to throw away.  


This can be difficult to do at first, we’ve grown up to having things a certain way. But, cutting down on waste can be easy, quick, and ultimately end up saving you money in the long run. 




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  • Great article. Composting great idea

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