Eco-Friendly Motivation: Reasons to Embrace a Greener Lifestyle






The thought of going more eco-friendly in your daily life may be something that has crossed your mind a few times. Some may be turned off the ideaas it may seem initially daunting, and others may be convinced that they do not have the time or resources to live a more environmentally friendly life. While it does take some effort to be more conscious of how your actions and choices affect the environment, making the shift to an eco-friendly lifestyle can bring many great benefits to your daily life. 


Have a look at our 8 compelling reasons to embrace a greener lifestyle – it just may convince you to hop on that eco-friendly bandwagon! 


  1. You could save a fortune

Whilst you may not save an entire fortune overnight, making the shift by purchasing energy efficient heaters for example, can cut your electricity bill by hundreds of dollars a year. Multiply that for the next ten years and you would have saved thousands of dollars that would have otherwise gone to waste on your utility bills. Purchasing hybrid cars can also save you fuel costs – something we could all benefit from with the increasing prices of fuel these days. 


  1. Your body will thank you 

Eco-friendly living in your personal life, such as the food choices you make can reap you a myriad of health benefits in the long run. If you make the shift to purchasing organic produce, this can boost both your physical and mental health and keep you healthy and happy for a long time to come. Your body is a temple, so you should only feed it with the best quality food possible, and organic is just the way to do that! 


  1. It ia great way to keep active 

Small changes such as opting to ride a bicycle to work instead of driving or taking a taxi not only reduces the number of emissions and pollutants into the air but are a great way to keep yourself healthy and active. Walking to work or to the supermarket instead of always opting to use a vehicle ensures you hit your daily activity requirements to lead a healthy and happy life. 


  1. Help ensure there Is enough water on our planet for everyone 

Water is not a renewable resource – and clean water is our planet’s most precious resource. By being water conscious, you can help reduce the strain on municipal treatment systems, ensuring that there is enough to go around. A great way to begin is for us to shift away from purchasing bottled water. This act alone can reduce global greenhouse gas emissions from shipping, as well as the energy required to produce plastic bottles and in turn reduce the volume of waste dumped into our landfills. 


  1. Recycling helps you become more creative 

Not only does recycling save you money and resources, but it can also be a great creative outlet for you and your family. Creating things out of recycled materials can be a great relaxing weekend activity for the entire family, ensuring everyone in the household feels involved. 


  1. Shield your body from harmful toxins 

Purchasing green products such as cleaning liquids and skin products will eliminate all the harmful toxins and chemicals that you breath in and that touch your skin. This is a great way of protecting your children and family from exposure to harsh chemicals that can cause long term side effects in their health. 


  1. Green homes are sturdier 

Did you know that recycled products and furniture are known to last over 5 times longer than traditional materials? Having a green home ensures that your home is durable and costs you less money on repairs and refurbishment in the future. 


  1. You will brewarded with a clean and green environment 

When you choose to be more eco-friendly in your overall life, you are actively and effectively reducing your carbon footprint. By taking the steps to reduce the amount of pollution you contribute, you are reducing the amount of energy used, thus creating a cleaner and greener environment! 


We hope that these 8 compelling reasons to embrace a greener lifestyle help you in your decision to make a change in your lifestyle, for the health and wellness of your family and for our planet – we only have one, so we need to ensure its survival for our future generations! 



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