Environmental Contribution of Minimalist Lifestyle





A minimalist lifestyle is a living approach with only the things we need. It promotes the things we value most and removes everything that distracts us from it. 


Minimalism is a practice to shift a mindset. It offers the opportunity where one can consciously separate the wants and the needs. Furthermore, minimalism contributes to the economy and environment more than you think. 


🔸It opposes fast fashion. While fast fashion offers an affordable version of expensive clothing, it ignores the impact on the environment. Minimalism contradicts the view by minimizing the value of the trend. It proves that trend is always temporary. 


🔸It reduces carbon emissions. The basic principle is to use less anywhere, at home, and outside home. Less usage of stuff, less usage of electricity, meaning less trash, less pollution, and less carbon footprint. 


🔸It conveys that your money won’t be everlasting. With only consuming things that really matter to our life, minimalism teaches people to always anticipate what is coming, including the probability of any event that could affect a person’s economic circumstances. 


🔸It shows your happiness should not rely on things. Being minimalist, you are aware that when you bought something new, the excitement or joy you felt decreased gradually every time you used it. 


🔸It fosters a sharing economy. Minimalism embraces the barter system, not only in books. It fosters the sharing economy, where you can borrow, rent, and own an asset temporarily and return it back when you no longer need it. Until now, the sharing economy has touched many sectors, namely transportation, consumer goods, fashion, and many other things. 


🔸Minimalism is more than practicing the “only things that spark joy” mantra. It helps you to stabilize your economic condition, saves the environment a bit more, and expands your views on seeing things. 




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