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The process of recycling is a continuous loop, that works when collected materials from garbage are turned into products. Then these products are bought and used again. By buying the products made from recycled materials, you will be supporting the industry that manufactures these products, and thus the loop of recycling goes on. 


♻️ Plastic Recycling 

Every year, a person gets through 90 drink cans, 70 food cans and 107 bottles, and 45 kg of plastic. Plastic waste is sorted out according to its type of plastic, and then recycled. 

Around 80% of energy gets saved when plastic is created from waste plastic, rather than the raw materials. 


♻️ Metal Recycling 

Did you know that recycling aluminum can save up to 95% of energy which is required to make aluminum from bauxite ore? 

Recycling 1 ton of aluminum can save up to 27 cubic yards of landfill space. 


♻️ Paper Recycling 

Recycling one ton of paper saves around 17 trees, 463 gallons of oil, 6,953 gallons of water, and 3 cubic yards of landfill space. 

One of the recycling facts according to the EPA, is that making paper from recycled materials can result in 74% less air pollution and 35% less water pollution, rather than making paper from wood pulp. 


♻️ Glass Recycling 

Did you know that, the energy saved by recycling just one bottle can light a hundred-watt light bulb for four hours?! 

One of the most interesting things about glass is that glass can be recycled again and again. As it never wears out. Most glass bottles and jars that we use contain at least ¼ of the recycled material. 


👍🏻 What You Can Do? 


  • First and foremost, start sorting out your garbage, and make colorful cans with signs on them. Keeps the signs big and simple. This will make sorting garbage easier.
  • You can use organic waste from the kitchen to create compost. 
  • Paper waste, metal waste, and plastic waste can be given off once a month or 15 days to recycling centers. Many times, you can get money for such type of waste. 
  • Try to conserve your resources, and use them as much as you can before you decide to throw them away in the garbage. 
  • Use rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones and avoid using plastic bags, instead use cloth bags. 



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