Get Rid of Litter, One Piece at A Time



Imagine if that litter was being tossed into your home. For wildlife, this is the disturbing and dangerous reality of litter. By taking a little care of their environment, everyone can have beauty on their doorstep. Tidying up your neighborhood can have a big impact on the community, as well as the environment. 


Besides being an eyesore, litter can disrupt the ecosystem of your environment because it can attract many different insects and rodents and can carry diseases. This can become harmful to animals or children, who might pick up dirty trash, step on it, or even ingest it. This trash — especially cigarette butts and flammable materials — can also start fires. Food waste can pollute area waterways and harm wildlife, as well as make our water unsafe to drink. 


Litter can be found on our roadways, in our yards, and in common areas such as parks and schools, as well as in local natural areas such as woods or streams. It might seem a bit overwhelming to tackle the litter problem in your neighborhood alone, but even small efforts can lead to an improvement in your local environment. 



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