Helping Our Planet by Restoring Forest




Since ancient times, forests have been featured in countless tales and artworks as symbols of mystery and enchantment. The influence of forests on humans, animal and plant life, and the Earth's environment has been enormous. 


For humans, forests are a kind of lifeline. They supply wood and other resources indispensable to our everyday activities and provide spaces for rest and relaxation. For animal and plant life, forests nurture a great many species, contributing to the preservation of biodiversity. This biodiversity, in turn, leads to the creation of various terrains, landscapes and weather conditions around the world. Maintaining the balance among these three characteristics of the environment supports our lives and daily living. 


In 2019, the world lost 11.9 million hectares of tree cover in the tropics, the rough equivalent of 4 billion trees — an area the size of Honduras or the state of Pennsylvania. 


Forest ecosystems are under intense pressure from our rising population and its hunger for more land and resources. Many remaining forests are degraded because of logging, firewood cutting, pollution and invasive pests. Even trees outside forests are disappearing to make way for houses, roads and dams and for intensive agriculture. Wildfires, which are made worse by climate change, can devastate forest ecosystems. 


Restoring forest ecosystems involves returning trees to former forest land and improving the condition of degraded forests. As well as planting native tree species, it can include conserving wild plants and animals and protecting the soils and water sources that are part of the forest ecosystem. Land cleared for farming that falls into disuse is ideal for forest restoration. In existing forests, native species can be planted to regenerate the tree cover. In some cases, forest trees will re-grow naturally. Forest restoration can also mean nurturing patches of forest and woodland in landscapes that also include busy farms and villages. 



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