How Can We Prevent Deforestation



Trees have been around for millions of years, even longer than humans. Long ago, you can always find forests with trees that are so tall and healthy. Trees are essential to humans and animals in every way. They give life, food and shelter to every human and animal. They provide oxygen for people to breathe and absorb carbon dioxide that comes from humans, cars, and many others. They also absorb other pollutant gases that may harm human health and the atmosphere. They reduce heat by providing shade to our homes and buildings. But aside from these benefits, they are also used for industrialization. 


Because of the increasing demand for wood and other products made from parts of a tree, deforestation became rampant. In an instant, rainforests in different countries have declined dramatically. More and more trees were being cut to make way for buildings, roads, and houses. 


Here are some ways to prevent deforestation: 


1. Use Recycled Items 

Nowadays, few companies have started to manufacture paper, books, and grocery bags from recycled materials. By purchasing and using recycled products, more companies will no longer use new and raw materials in manufacturing items. 


 2. Tree Care 

Stop cutting trees especially the young ones. Do not cut trees unless it is for safety reasons. 


  3. Coals 

During the winter season, use charcoals instead of firewood for making a fire. Fallen logs can be used in making coals. Also, the use of coals is better than firewood because it lasts longer so cutting of more trees or logs will be lessened. 


  4. Reforestation 

Start planting trees. Every single person should start to plant and care for a tree. This will help replace the trees that have been cut down and regrow forests.


  5. Become an Advocate 

Become an advocate of reforestation. Spread the word. Raise awareness by educating your friends, family, relatives, schoolmates, teachers, officemates, and every person you know. Use social medias and share so it can reach everyone and they will see how things really are. 


  6. Support Conservation Organizations 

There are several organizations that are making efforts to preserve and restore forests. Some of these are Greenpeace, World Wide Fund for Nature, Community Forestry International, and Conservation International. So, find one in your town and give them your support through contributions of your time, money, or actions. 


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