How Do Straws Hurt the Environment?



It’s estimated that we use over 500 million every day in America, and most of those end up in our oceans, polluting the water and killing marine life. We want to encourage people to stop using plastic straws for good. If we don’t act now, by the year 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. 


Here’s what happens once these straws are used and discarded: 


1. Plastic straws are not biodegradable

This means that once plastic straws go to landfill, small organisms such as insects or bacteria can’t break them down by consuming them. Instead, what happens is that the straws will simply degrade, gradually disintegrating into smaller and smaller particles – known as microplastics – over a period of up to 200 years.  


2. Plastic straws are difficult to recycle

Of the 8,300 million metric tons of plastic that has ever been produced, a mere 9% has been recycled. Moreover, polypropylene plastic straws are categorized as a type 5 plastic, which is even less commonly recycled. 


3. Plastic straws pollute our oceans and waterways 

Plastic straws are particularly prone to making their way to our waterways because plastic straws are small and light. They can then quickly find their way to watercourses and be washed into the sea. Once it reaches the ocean, they can accumulate with other plastic waste and form huge floating masses on the ocean surface.  


4. Plastic straws are harmful for ocean wildlife

Plastic straws that wash into the sea pose a particular threat to wildlife, as their small size makes them easier for birds, animals, and larger fish to ingest. If a large quantity of plastic is ingested, this can cause a marine bird or mammal to starve to death. Entanglement in plastic debris is another huge problem for marine creatures.  


Protecting the environment and cutting back on waste is always a good move—especially when you can find easy and cheap ways to do so. A great place to start is by swapping your plastic straws for eco-friendly straws that are made from more sustainable materials such as reusable silicone straws. 



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