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The Decomposition of Waste in Landfills 
-Plastic Waste 10 to 1,000 years 
-Disposable Diapers 250-500 years 
-Aluminum Cans 80-200 years 
-Glass 1 Million years (or notso it is better re-use) 
-Paper Waste 2-6 weeks 
-Food Waste 6 months or less 

Other Waste Items: Cigarette butts 10-12 years - ️Monofilament fishing line 600 years 

1. Rubber boot soles 50-80 years 
2. Foamed plastic cups 50 years 
3. Leather shoes 25-40 years 
4. Milk cartons 5 years 
5. Plywood 1-3 years 
6. Painted board 13 years 
7. Cotton gloves 3 months 
8. Cardboard 2 months 
9. Styrofoam Does not biodegrade 
10. Nylon fabric 30-40 years 
11. Tin cans 50 years 
12. Ropes 3-14 months 
13. Aluminum cans 200-250 years 
14. Train tickets 2 weeks 
15. Canvas products 1 year 
16. Batteries 100 years 
17. Lumber 10-15 years 
18. Sanitary pads 500-800 years 
19. Wool clothing 1-5 years 
20. Tinfoil Does not biodegrade 

️ The increasing volume of waste is a major concern for humans and the environment. The best way to deal with this problem is to avoid products that generate waste materials that take more than a year to decompose in landfills. Every household and organization should also have a proactive plan for recycling to divert more materials away from the waste stream. 



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