How to Reduce Global Warming




Global warming is a contemporary global issue that began at the dawn of the industrial revolution with the emergence of factories and means of mass production which has now skyrocketed. The warming of the Earth itself is caused by the so-called greenhouse gases that trap heat from the sun in the form of infrared radiation and thus, warming the planet.   

The major contributors of additional greenhouse gases are factories that utilize non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels and petroleum to produce the necessary energy that provides power to homes and transportation in the millions or perhaps billions of units.     

So, in our own way, how can we fight global warming? We can do several lifestyle-changing habits that may reduce our greenhouse gas emissions such as:  

Participate in legislations that strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions such as transitioning to clean energy. 

  • Minimize our use of cars   
  • Be efficient in our travels, switch off the engine if not in use   
  • As much as possible, opt for mass transit (commuting)   
  • Minimize power consumption   
  • Convince others to do the same  

A single household that practices these may not be significant in the cause for combating global warming, but can you imagine the impact 7 billion households have on the cause for minimizing greenhouse gas emissions if they were to do it too?  


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