How To Reduce Plastic Waste at Home




There are many solutions to help re-use and reduce waste, not just as corporations and businesses, but also as individuals.  When a person makes an everyday purchase in a grocery or retail store, they often walk out of the store with one or more plastic bags. Whether you leave the store with a plastic bag, and what you do with it later, is what makes the difference.   

There are many simple ways that families and individuals can cut down their use of single-use plastics and help reduce our collective plastic pollution. 


  1. Shop smart

Forget paper or plastic. Invest in a few reusable tote bags for your grocery shopping. You can also invest in separate reusable produce bags for your fruits and vegetables. 

Buying unpackaged foods from a farmers’ market or all-bulk grocery store can eliminate even more plastic. 


  1. Choose reusable options when on the go

To avoid being a part of this problem, invest in a reusable water bottle which can be washed after use. Refusing plastic straws is also an important way of helping to minimize your plastic impact. If you’re someone who prefers to drink through a straw, consider buying reusable silicone straw. Keep your reusable straws handy when you’re out and about and you’ll never need to request a plastic one again! 


  1. Recycle as much as possible

As simple as it sounds, recycling is a vital way of reducing your plastic footprint. Recycled plastics can find new lives as clothing, bottles and even toys. 


  1. Choose sustainable bathroom products

Consider using bars of soap instead of plastic bottles, or alternatively take your empty plastic bottle and head to a bulk goods store to refill it as you need to. It is also worth thinking about the other items in your bathroom that can be replaced with longer lasting or reusable alternatives. 


  1. Break up with fast fashion

To help minimize the issue, we can all take steps to reduce the amount of clothing that we buy by embracing slow fashion. Buying less, more durable items of clothing that can be kept and worn for longer will help to minimize your personal impact. Washing clothes on a lower temperature setting and a slower spin speed will also reduce the number of microfibers that are shed.  


  1. Compost

If you have a home with a backyard, investing in a composter to dispose your food waste can reduce the amount of plastic garbage bags you use and is also great for gardening and landscaping. 

If you’re a city dweller you may need to rely on a local community composting program. 



At The Eco Fairy, our goal is to help you build a more sustainable life by offering you a line of reusable products. We offer products that last and that will help you reduce the amount of plastic you use.    


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