How to Repurpose Common Plastic Items




Plastic items work themselves into just about every aspect of our daily lives. Our dependence on them makes recycling and reusing plastic bottles essential for the health of the planet. So, what can we do? Make sure you get your use out of the plastics you do have before replacing them with zero waste alternatives 

Here are a few ideas on how to repurpose common plastic items: 

Plastic bags 

  • Use them as trash bags. 
  • Store loaves of bread or vegetable scraps in the freezer. 
  • If they're sturdier, use them as shopping bags. 


  • Keep using as storage for bulk food. 
  • Use it as storage for any small miscellaneous items. 
  • Turn cracked tupperware in mini-seed starters or plant pots. 

Plastic shampoo or soap bottles 

  • DIY your own soap and reuse the containers. 
  • Cut off the bottom and use them as small planters. 
  • Give them to your kids for bath activities. 

Plastic toothbrushes 

  • Keep one with your cleaning supplies to scrub hard-to-reach spots. 
  • Use it as a scrubber for dirty vegetables. 

Plastic razors 

  • Dull razors can still remove pills from cashmere or wool sweaters. 
  • Scrape hard-to-remove things like paint off tile. 


Recycling plastic items is extremely important for our environment. It helps to reduce waste and can help save your family money. By using these recycling and reusing strategies, you will feel good about doing your part to reduce the creation of landfills. 



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