How to Save the Environment by Going Paperless




Every business should be conscious of the environment around them. One of the main ways that companies are helping to improve the environment is by going paperless. Going paperless means instead of printing out documents, invoices, presentations, or other kinds of materials, they are kept in a digital format to save trees from being used as paper. 


Clearly, going paperless is a big tick for the environment. Here are the clear reasons why. 


  1. Save trees

Rapid deforestation – much of it to produce paper products – is a huge concern for our environment. Trees play a critical role in absorbing CO2 from our atmosphere and producing oxygen to support life on our planet. By reducing or eliminating your use of paper, you are doing your bit to preserve the life of trees 


  1. Cut down on pollution

Did you know that paper manufacturing is one of the worst offenders when it comes to pollution? Making one ton of paper emits more than 1.5 tons of CO2 equivalent. Using less of the stuff will help to reduce the number of pollutants in our atmosphere. 


  1. Reduce transport

Every document that is transported across town or across the world uses up fuel. And the burning of fuel releases greenhouse gases. By switching to a digital document sending solution – where a signed and secure document is sent with the click of a button – a lot of fuel can be saved. 


  1. Save water

It takes 1.5 cups of water to make 1 sheet of paper. In a world in which fresh drinking water is a growing concern, this is certainly food for thought. By going paperless in your office, you are helping to conserve our world’s water sources. 


  1. Use less of the other stuff

It’s not just the use of paper that’s bad for the environment. There are the other consumables that go along with it – like ink. Production of ink uses fossil fuels, and most inks contain chemicals and other substances that are harmful to our environment. 



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