How To Shop Online Sustainably




Online shopping for those living in suburban areas, will have a lesser impact than shopping at traditional stores.  But the impact is only reduced should you use e-commerce 100% of the time.  Using a combination of online and in-store shopping actually results in a greater environmental impact.  With this in mind, here are some tips to reduce your impact, so you can shop online sustainably. 



Transitioning to online-only shopping is possible.  It is something that could potentially decrease the environmental impact of shopping in general.  Even if shopping 100% online isn’t an option for you just yet, consolidating shipments can help to reduce your impact. 



Lockers are becoming a very popular way to reduce the environmental impact of online shopping.  These lockers are placed at popular locations such as grocery stores, allowing drivers to deliver multiple packages to one location.  This significantly cuts their fuel usage, therefore reducing the overall environmental impact. Be sure to use this option when available, then combine your next grocery shopping trip with picking up your package!  



When shopping online, try your best to limit the number of returns you make.  Returning items can drastically increase the environmental impact of your online shopping experience.  To avoid returns, do research for each product you purchase to make sure it’s exactly what you need. Take measurements for clothes, read reviews for home goods, and avoid impulse shopping at all costs.  Preventing the need for returns can really help to keep your environmental impact as low as possible. 


Online shopping, when used alone, typically has a slightly lower impact than shopping in store.  However, most people don’t shop 100% online. Most online shoppers use e-commerce as a compliment to their traditional in-store shopping habits.  This type of shopping behavior tends to have a great environmental impact than traditional shopping.




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