Turtles are one of the countless species that are heavily affected by man-made activities and the pollutants that result from it. They have garnered much attention after the viral videos that show the poor fate these turtles endured, and these have shown our role in their misfortune. These are some of the human activities or effects rooted from it that affect sea life: 

Climate Change 
Climate change exposes sea turtles to even more existential threats from the rising sea levels, eroded beach habitats, changing ocean currents and damaged coral reefs. 

Marine Debris 

The most infamous existential threat to turtles, signified by the plastic straw that went viral for getting stuck inside the turtle’s nasal cavity. These are all the pollutants that make its way to the ocean and affect sea biodiversity. 

Pollution and Spills 

These can affect the turtles’ physiological processes as the ingestion of pollutants and oil can damage their bodily processes and leave them vulnerable to predators and death. 

Entanglement in Fishing Gear  

Suspended nets, fishhooks and other fishing equipment can cause harm to all sea life.  

Illegal Poaching 

Despite the outrage from social media and governing bodies, there are still people who hunt down these turtles to be sold as exotic pets or for their shells. This is unethical in all aspects. 

Nest Disturbance 

Turtle eggs take 60 days to hatch and even more time to mature in the nest before they can roam around and begin their journey. Interrupting this crucial process will significantly decrease the chances of survival of these hatchlings. 



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