Plant More Trees To Save The Earth



Now, we human beings are reasonable enough to question why we need to do a particular thing and how will it be useful for us; However, when it comes to trees, they do not fail to provide ample reasons to prove their worth. 


Ranging from sustaining the ecological balance to serving commercial needs of humans by providing wood, fruits, and medicines, trees have been serving their indispensable role to the environment for ages. Some of the benefits we derive from trees can be enumerated as follows:  


🌳 Serving Oxygen Needs and combating climate change 
🌳 Trees produce a cooling effect and help conserve energy 
🌳 Preventing soil erosion 
🌳 Providing food and medicines 
🌳 Shelter for birds and animals 
🌳 Fulfilling commercial aspirations 
🌳 Regulation of Water Cycles 
🌳 Moderate pollution 

    With the continuous rise in population, more and more trees are being cut in order to fulfill the needs of food and space. In such a scenario, it is very important that we plant a lot of trees in our surroundings and ensure their proper growth too by looking after them well and not just leaving the planted saplings ignored.





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