Plastic Vs. Silicone Straws




More and more people are ditching plastic straws because they are proven to harm the environment. Over the years, several versions of reusable straws have entered the market. Both silicone straws and metal straws are great alternatives to plastic straws. However, silicone straws are slightly better overall when it comes to thermal conductivity and versatility.  


Technically part of the rubber family, silicone is a stable material, meaning that chemicals don’t seep into your food or drink when then temperature rises. Plastic, which is made from petroleum, absorbs toxins and chemicals, which then leak when they get hot. 


A silicone straw is dishwasher safe, making it super simple to use for a drink after drink. Plastic is single use, making its way to the trash can the minute you’re done sipping. Unfortunately, they can’t even be recycled. They’re so flimsy that they can’t endure the process. But the biggest difference of all is the environmental impact. 


Although silicone is not biodegradable, it is recyclable, setting it apart, again, from the typical plastic straw. So, after a lifetime of use, or whenever you’re ready to say goodbye, if you can’t recycle it and must throw it away, it’s still better for the environment. Silicone breaks down into silica, carbon dioxide and water vapor, making it harmless. However, when plastic breaks down, it’s not so harmless. The petroleum-based material turns into micro-fragments, seeping into oceans and ecosystems. 


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