Report: Climate Crisis Could Displace 1.2 billion People By 2050




Rapid population growth, lack of access to food and water and increased exposure to natural disasters mean more than 1 billion people faces being displaced by 2050, according to a new analysis of global ecological threats. 


The most at-risk 19 countries of the 31 countries accounted for by the report are also classified as part of the 40 least peaceful countries in the world. Some of the countries to face the most ecological threats in the next three decades include Pakistan, Iran, Mozambique, Kenya, Madagascar, Haiti, and Ethiopia; not only that, but many of the 31 countries on this list have some of the weakest resources to deal with these threats. 


This report is a solid example of how the climate crisis is so much more than something that only environmentalists should worry about — it is a crisis of humanity, with the power to displace more than 1 billion people. And even though the climate crisis may hurt undeveloped countries first, soon after, these issues will come to severely affect developed nations, international conflicts, and world peace. 


It is possible to slow down the climate crisis and avoid global catastrophe. Curbing our environmental footprints can make a difference — so continue making your best efforts to live sustainably and lower your impact. 



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