Save The Planet by Using Reusable Grocery Bags



When people make the switch to reusable grocery bags, they no longer have a need for disposable plastic bags. This lessened need equals to less production and using reusable grocery bags will help to right the wrongs that single use plastic bags cause.  


Here are five explanations that breakdown why plastic bags are bad for the environment and how reusable grocery bags help the planet. 


🟧   Plastic Bags Use Up Nonrenewable Resources 


The process of manufacturing disposable plastic shopping bags also emits greenhouse gases, so by minimizing the need that lessens the production, there are more nonrenewable resources to use for other purposes and the environment is not flooded with the resulting greenhouse gases. 


🟧   Reusable Bags Save Trees 

Paper bags are destined for the same fate as disposable plastic bags when shoppers opt to carry their purchases home in reusable bags. By eliminating paper bags fewer resources are wasted. Paper bags can be made from virgin fiber or recycled content, the latter is less harmful on the environment; however, using neither is best.   


🟧   Less Litter 


Once the bags touch down in a tree or in water, they are a risk to animals that can become tangled in the bags or mistakenly eat the bags. Plastic bags litter has also been the culprit of flooding as they clog drains important to proper drainage. Fewer single use plastic bags put into circulation reduces the amount of litter that ends up damaging ecosystems and posing a threat to wildlife and humans. 


🟧   Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions 

When a reusable bag is made from materials like jute, cotton or bamboo, the environment reaps the benefits. These are renewable materials that have a quick growth rate, so the plants can be harvested, and new crops planted in quick succession. Bamboo can be harvested without killing the plant, and the bamboo plant can continue to thrive and convert greenhouse gases into breathable oxygen with no interruption. 


🟧   Recyclable Reusable Grocery Bags Minimize the Waste Stream 

When a reusable bag is made from a material that can be recycled, the bag can be recycled when it becomes worn out. When materials are recycled, they are broken down and turned back into something useful and more importantly they are kept out of landfills which are overflowing as it is. 


A small change like bringing your groceries home in reusable grocery bags can set off a chain of events that helps the planet in so many ways. Between the resources used and the process to create plastic bags, all the way through to the disposal and likelihood to become litter, single use plastic bags are bad news. Using reusable grocery bags can right the wrongs plastic bags are responsible for and help the environment heal. 



At The EcoFairy, our goal is to help you build a more sustainable life by offering you a line of reusable products. We offer products that last and that will help you reduce the amount of plastic you use.     
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