Save The Turtles



Beaches and dune: 
These systems have few nutrients, so very little vegetation grows on them because sand doesn't hold nutrients well. Sea turtles use beaches & dunes to lay their eggs. They may do that several times in one season, laying 100 or more eggs each time, which adds up to thousands of eggs. Not every egg will hatch, & not all hatchlings will make it out. Both leftover eggs & eggshells provide nutrients for vegetation.

As dune plants grow & become healthier, so does the health of the entire ecosystem. Healthy vegetation & strong roots hold the sand in place & protect the beach from erosion. If sea turtles get extinct, dune vegetation would lose a major source of nutrients & beaches will wash away or erode. 

Green sea turtles: 
Without constant grazing, the seagrass overgrows, obstructs currents & the flow of oxygen, blocks sunlight from reaching the bottom & begins to decompose providing suitable habitat for the growth of molds, bacterial decomposition and development of grass-killing diseases. Older portions of seagrass beds tend to be overgrown with microorganisms, algae, invertebrates and fungi.

Sea grass beds are important for providing breeding for many species of fish, shellfish and crustaceans. Without them many marine species would be lost, as would the bottom of the food chain. If sea turtles go extinct, sea grass beds will seriously decline, so would all the other species dependent on it for survival.

Sea turtles provide habitat for many “aquatic hitchhikers” like barnacles, small crustaceans, remoras & algae. Because sea turtles undergo long migrations, they help to transport these species. 
They have important cultural role for many coastal communities, they are also an important source of income for coastal residents through turtle-watching ecotourism. Research has shown that it can generate 3 times the income than by selling sea turtle parts (eggs, meat, & shells), so they're worth more alive than dead. 
If you care about the ocean, and life on this planet please limit your plastic use...AND SAVE THE TURTLES!! 🐢 


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