Saving Environment with Technology





Though technology and environment are thought to be on the opposite ends of the spectrum, humans are looking for ways to save the environment with technology. So, be it generating renewable, green energy or using sensors to monitor endangered species, technologies like AI and Ioare helping create a sustainable future for us. 


  1. Developing renewable energy technology

One of the most significant ways to contribute to saving the environment is to sustainably generate and use the available energy resources. 

Smart grids assist in moving the generated electricity around to ensure that everyone on the network can access it. The technology includes building such grids and working on their maintenance. Sustainable electricity generation includes generating electricity from renewable resources like the sun, wind, and the tides. Solar energy has gained tremendous impetus in the recent years. Following its lead, people are finding innovative ways to use tidal and wind energy for cleaner power sources. 


  1. Saving endangered wildlife

An integral part of the ecosystem, technology now is being widely used in saving wildlife. Some of the measures taken worldwide in protecting the fauna are: 


  • Smart collars embedded with GPS, meters, and sensors to keep track of endangered species like rhinos and elephants 
  • Remote monitoring of wildlife sounds and noises to detect any predator harm or natural distress 
  • SIM-based collars for animals near human habitats to reduce animal-human conflicts 
  • Gene sequencing techniques to save endangered species from incurable diseases like cancer 
  • Conservation drones to track and monitor wild forest regions for any natural disasters like forest fires that can cause animals to be killed 
  • Predictive analytics for animals to gather information about every species on the planet and work comprehensively in protecting them 


  1. Adopting a smarter lifestyle

Smart homes that advocate green living and lesser waste are gaining popularity nowadays. These houses work on advanced sensors that help in saving energy in daily activities. Usually powered by a renewable energy source, they track the presence of people in the house to make decisions that can help in sustainable living. They also employ natural waste management systems with in-built recycling methods, thus, generating lesser waste. 

Smart cars were developed along the same lines, to contribute reducing the conventional automobile pollution and saves energy.  


There are a lot of other ways to contribute to the preservation of the environment with technology. Most of these applications are widely used and have brought about significant changes. However, this effect can be made extensive if the technology is made to reach out to a lot of people to educate and train them in implementing it to the best of its abilities. 



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