Social Media's Influence On Green Consumerism





Consumers are more mindful than ever of plastic use.  


It’s not only a demand for sustainability that has grown but also a willingness among consumers to spend more on these types of products.  


There’s no denying that more and more consumers are coming on board and acknowledging the threats to the environment. And social media has played - and continues to play - a significant role in influencing consumers’ views on sustainability and the environment. The average social media feed is now full of content which showcases the impact our consumption habits are having on the planet - whether that’s photos of plastic-ridden rivers in Asia or videos of melting ice caps.  


Consequentially, as awareness grows, so does the pressure on brands, institutions and governments to act and respond. As social media continues to reach new universal heights, and content spreads faster than ever before, so does the demand for action - whether that’s action from consumers, brands or governments.  


As sustainability climbs increasingly higher on the agenda of consumers, not just in influencing their loyalty for a brand but also playing a more vital role in their purchasing decisions, there is more pressure than ever for brands to not find themselves in the environmental firing line.  


With millennials more conscious than ever, and Generation Z close on their trail, social media is helping to drive a long-term change in consumer behaviors which will mean that, going forward, brands will increasingly have no choice but to go green, or risk facing a social media storm. 



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