The Earth is a fountain of abundant energy, from its wind, flowing rivers and waterfalls, heat from its core, and a major contribution from the sun. Perhaps in the future we may be able to harness these energies to a point wherein we can sustain ourselves with only renewable energy sources. For now, these are the renewable energy sources we use today: 


 🌞 Solar Energy 

The sun has been the main factor as to why life on this planet blossomed. Its heat allows for the survival of the Earth’s inhabitants through various ways, mainly photosynthesis of plants that gave us food. Today we harness this energy through solar panels that convert heat and light energy to electricity. 


🌍 Geothermal Energy 

The Earth itself gives its own heat, stemming from the core. We harnessed this from existing volcanoes by pumping heated water from below the ground and using this steam to rotate turbines that convert heat energy to electricity. It is very clever, one might say. 


 💦 Hydropower 

Rivers and waterfalls may seem strong and unmoving, but it is in that strength that we find ourselves harvesting energy from. Hydropower uses the mechanical action from the movement of water to spin turbines that convert mechanical energy to electricity. 


 💨 Wind 

Even the gusts of wind can be sources of energy too. This natural phenomenon is harnessed by catching its power with wind turbines that spin from its mechanical action and thus converting this to transmissible energy. 

In the future, perhaps we may see more forms of renewable energy waiting to be harnessed. We need to study the world around us so that we may use it to its greatest extent in a clean and helpful manner. This way, perhaps there may be a promising future that awaits us. 


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