Teaching Your Child To Respect The Environment




Teaching your child to sort waste, respect the environment and consume less is the best way to raise awareness about the environment and create eco-friendly citizens.


Not throwing waste on the ground, turning off the light when you leave a room, walk, bike or use public transportation instead of driving. There are plenty of little things to do on a daily basis to help preserve our planet. It’s so easy to teach our little people, but we have to be good role models. 


The only way we can help improve the environment and the world that we all live in is to educate not only our children but also the adults on the impacts and consequences our actions have. 


Everyday, you can opt for basic environmental responsibility with your child by taking these small actions:  


1. Close the water tap when washing your teeth 

2. Turn off the light when leaving a room 

3. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables  

4. When taking small trips, the family bikes instead of using the car



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