The Power of Trees




If you plant a tree, it will: 


  1. Help reduce climate change by absorbing Carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. 
  2. Cool the environment through its shade and releasing water. 
  3. Save water as it slows water evaporation.
  4. Prevent water pollution by acting as a filter. 
  5. Provide shelter for wildlife. 
  6. Serve as a renewable energy source. 
  7. Reinforce the soil and increase fertility. 
  8. Serve as a barrier against erosion. 


Trees are mighty yet gentle beings who have served us since our dawn in many ways. We need them in the fight against climate change and to protect us from nature’s various trials. Remember, planting a tree sapling is only the first step. It is important to cultivate it as it grows so that it may mature. 



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