Tips For Living Less Plastic



We thought we would share these amazing tips on how you can use less plastic in your everyday life.  


Take a look below. 
1. Store leftovers in a reusable bag. Like our silicone food bag. 
2. Carry reusable water bottle. We have an amazing double wall glass bottle for hot and cold drinks. 
3. Use your own reusable bags. Our ecofriendly reusable bag is the perfect solution. 
4. Say no to disposable straws. Instead use our reusable and safe silicone straws. 
5. Pack your lunch in our reusable silicone stretch lids. 
6.  Have an intimate family get-together using our compostable bowls not having to do the dishes. 

Help us make the difference and share these helpful tips with family and friends. Let's make our homes a better place.  



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