Try These Tips To Never Forget Your Reusable Bag



Reducing single-use plastic requires changing habits. Habits are hard to change because, well, they're habits! Buying an eco-friendly reusable bag is a first step to making this change. It is even more important to be consistent and use the reusable bags regularly to reap the rewards.


Some tips to avoid how to NOT FORGET the reusable bag:


  • Keep a small lightweight reusable bag in your office, your car's dashboard, your backpack or purse so you always have one close by when you need it.


  • Write a shopping list and keep it in the reusable bag that day before your planned weekly grocery shopping haul. As you already put in the time, you are likely to not forget the bag while also reducing food waste through better planning.


  • Hang the bags out near the entrance of your home instead of in a closet. It is much more difficult to forget when the bags are in plain sight as you head out.


  • Use a big tote bag as your everyday bag. Sure, it might be a bit too big most days but it will prove to be super convenient when you do some unplanned shopping and can easily say NO to PLASTIC.


Do you have any other strategies on how to NOT FORGET the reusable bag? Please SHARE.



At The Ecofairy, our mission is to offer you reusable products that will help save the planet. Reusable products equal less plastic.





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