Use Reusable Silicone Stretch Lids to Reduce Plastic Waste in Your Kitchen





If you are trying to be more earth-friendly and reduce the use of disposable plastic in your everyday life, silicone stretch lids are products you should consider. These reusable food covers can easily replace plastic wrap and are a great alternative for environmentally conscious individuals. 


Stop throwing away food storage containers that don’t have matching lids. Using reusable silicone food covers is much more economical than repeatedly buying a plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or replacing expensive storage containers. These lids save you even more money by prolonging the freshness of your food and eliminating food waste. 


Not only can these lids save you money they help you keep an organized kitchen and saves you time by eliminating the constant searching for missing lids. 


The Benefits of Silicone Stretchable Lids 


👍Permanently replace your existing food containers’ missing lids: These stretchy lids can cover your bowls, plates, or partially cut fruits and vegetables. They are a great substitute for lost or broken lids, such as original plastic lids for Pyrex bowls. They are pliable and work for almost anything that doesn’t have a cover. They stretch easily to accommodate a wide range of containers and bowls like mugs, glasses, opened dog food and soda cans. 


👍Keep food and beverages fresh: When a lid fits well, the airtight seal does a good job of keeping food fresher for longer periods of time. They also make it easier to retain the freshness of the cut side of some fruits. 


👍Convenient leftover storage: You can use these silicone lids to store leftovers without having to transfer them to other food storage containers. All you need to do is stretch the lid to turn a serving plate into Tupperware and use the same plate to store and reheat leftovers, cutting down on dirty dishes. 


👍Come in a variety of sizes: Silicone lid covers come in a range of different sizes. They stretch from one to three inches, so each lid will fit on different sized containers, providing a secure cover for most of your bowls and containers. 


👍Highly versatile: Silicone storage covers are stretchy, adhering well to any surface. You can fit any one of these stretchable lids over almost any round or rectangular container. There are also available for sale in both round or rectangular shapes. 


👍Provide a vacuum seal: Silicone stretch covers provide a leak-proof seal when fitted properly. They are easy to stretch over a container, once you master the technique. Not only are they leak-proof, but they’re also odor-proof! 


👍Durable: Unlike reusable plastic lids that can warp and crack with use, silicone stretching lids last a long time. They are strong enough to withhold the weight of other containers stacked atop of it. 


👍Make it easy to transport food: They are perfect for on-the-go use. Stretch a lid over the container and toss it in your lunch bag. The lid keeps your food and aroma locked in. 


👍Easy to store: They are thin, foldable, easy to store in a drawer and can also be rolled up to take up less space in your kitchen drawer or cupboard. 


👍Eco-friendly: Since silicone stretchable lids are washable and reusable, you no longer need to use disposable plastic wrap or discard containers with missing lids. 


👍Transparent: Most of the silicone stretch lids are clear or translucent, allowing you to see what’s inside. 


👍Freezer, microwave, and oven safe: Silicone stretching lids are resistant to both heat and cold and can handle temperatures from -20F up to 450F. They can be used in the freezer, fridge or microwave. Make sure the lid is not sealed tightly prior to placing the container in the microwave or oven because the pressure that builds up from the heat may cause damage or injury. 



At The Eco Fairy, our goal is to help you build a more sustainable life by offering you a line of reusable products. We offer products that last and that will help you reduce the amount of plastic you use.    



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