Water Is Life



Big changes can make a big difference, but so can small changes. The first step is to start thinking before you throw water down the drain. Flushing toilets, taking showers, washing dishes, brushing teeth, and boiling water are all daily opportunities to reduce water use. Get creative. Use a timer on your showers to get better feel for how long you’re in there. Open taps slowly to wet and rinse your toothbrush. Use your pasta water for cooking the veggies that go with it. We all need to learn to use just enough instead of way, way, way too much. 
Here are some ways to save water and money in your home or apartment: 
💦Buy an energy-efficient water heater. Labels on Energy Star water heaters will detail how much less energy will be used with the new tank. A tankless heater, which only warms water as it’s used, saves 30% more energy than conventional tank heaters. 
💦Repair leaks on toilets, faucets and dishwashers to save 20 gallons per leak, per day. 
💦Install low-flow toilets or convert existing ones to save two to five gallons per flush. 
💦Add aerators to faucets to reduce the amount of water used and increase water pressure. Aerators attach to the faucet head and add air pressure into the water stream. They can save 17-27 gallons per day. 
💦Buy an Energy Star dishwasher and washing machine and save 20-30 gallons per laundry cycle. 
💦Use that new dishwasher instead of hand-washing dishes to save 2-4 gallons per load of dishes. 
💦Shower for one or two minutes less to save 2.5 gallons per minute.” 



At The Eco Fairy, our goal is to help you build a more sustainable life by offering you a line of reusable products. We offer products that last and that will help you reduce the amount of plastic you use.   
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