Ways on How to Reuse Plastic Bottles for Your Garden





Plastics for years have been replacing other materials in lawn and garden products due to their versatility, durability and low maintenance—plus they resist rotting and shattering, so we can spend more time gardening and less on maintenance, repair and replacement. And today when we recycle household plastics, some of them are turned into practical products for our lawns and gardens.  


Many essential gardening tools also are made with recycled plastics, including wheelbarrows, compost bins, watering cans, pots, trays, tools, hoses, rain barrels and more. And some companies now use recycled plastics to make planters, stylish outdoor furniture, and other decorative garden accessories. Many of these durable, weather-resistant products are made to stay outdoors all year-round.  


Here are ways on How to Reuse Plastic Bottles for Your Garden  


  1. Create hanging baskets. You can make small or large hanging baskets from bottles, depending on the size of the bottles or jugs you use. Start by removing the slanted top of the bottle or the part of the bottle with the handle. The hanger should be uniform and smooth all around, with no handles or sloping.  


  1. Make a plant container. Turn a two liter or 20-ounce bottle sideways. Cut the bottle in half. Use both halves to make two planters. Cut small drainage holes into the bottom. Fill with soil and plant flowers or herbs inside. You can paint the outside of the planters to decorate your garden.  


  1. Make a gardening scoop. Use a craft knife to remove the bottom of the bottle. Then, on one side, cut an angled line up and stop right below the handle. Do the same on the other side. Cut across the top between the two cuts on the sides to remove the piece of plastic. Turn larger plastic jugs and smaller plastic bottles into gardening scoops and shovels. This can help dig holes, transport soil from the bag to your garden, or scoop compost and mulch. This works better with bottles that have handles. This should give you a scoop-shaped bottle you can use in your garden. 


  1. Make a bird feeder with a 20-ounce bottle. Use a small craft knife to cut a small hole into the bottle about four inches from the bottom. On a different side, you can cut another hole higher. Now cut holes out directly across from these holes so there are matching holes on each side. Finish the bird feeder. Take two wooden spoons and slip them through the holes. This will provide a place for the bird to rest and a tray for the food to come out of. Fill the bottle with bird food and replace the cap. Attach floral wire or some other kind of wire around the neck of the bottle so you can hang it up.  



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