Ways To Buy Less “Stuff” We Do Not Need




Buy less in the first place and be careful about accumulating things. 
How about asking yourself these questions before making any shopping decisions: Do I truly need this item? Would the quality of my life be worse if I didn’t have this? How many things like this do I already own? Do I have anything that I can just reuse and repurpose instead? Consider these questions in the now, rather than the future. 
Why not spend money on experiences than spending money on things? Research shows, your happiness will be more enduring. 


Buying well isn’t only about purchasing good materials, but also making good, responsible choices altogether. As a society, we all have too much stuff. We have so much more than we actually need. 


Here are the ways to buy less “stuff” we do not need:


💠Stop Shopping for Sport 

Shopping should be something we do with intention. We have a particular purchase in mind and head to the store with a list or a plan. The plan could be very specific, such as the intent to buy a particular item you’ve already researched online and need to see in the store to confirm your commitment. Maybe you aren’t sure exactly what you want but you know the gap you are filling: a type of clothing item, a piece of furniture, or equipment for an activity, for example. 


💠Don’t Shop in Malls 

Malls and stores spend a lot of time and energy creating displays, layouts, promotions and incentives to entice customers to spend more money. They also house primarily brands that are not particularly sustainable or ethical with respect to their production policies and supply chains. Just by showing up at the mall, we often feel a need to buy something so our trip to the mall wasn’t “a waste”. After all, what is the point of going to the mall if we come home empty-handed? 


Instead of being tempted by all the well-planned gimmicks and incentives at the mall, just don’t visit. If you need something, research online, ask friends for recommendations, and buy from the handful of brands you’ve come to trust and love. 


💠Wait Before You Buy 

Wait 24 hours before buying just about everything. So many ideas and intentions look really different the next day, and the waiting period helps give a new perspective. Often times, once the initial interest has worn off, the purchase is no longer that interesting. 


💠Know How You Will Use It 

Be honest with yourself about how it fits into your actual life and not just your aspirational life. For example, don’t buy jeans a size too small hoping you’ll fit into them one day. Buy the size that actually fits and wear them regularly. As another example, don’t buy expensive exercise equipment until you’ve established a routine to know you’ll use it. Start by doing workouts that use your own body weight, running, or maybe make a small investment in something like a set of resistance bands or a jump rope. Leave investments in skinny jeans and weight benches for the day when the jeans already fit and fitness is part of your regular routine. 


💠Consider If Something You Already Have Will Do 

It’s easy to buy one thing that will do a very particular job well, but sometimes we already own something that does the job just fine. Before chasing the shiny object or buying something new because it looks perfect, consider if you can make do with something you already have. The new alternative might create a lot of convenience or really enhance quality, in which case it could be a great purchase, but it’s worth thinking about how we can use the things we already have to get the job done. 


At The Eco Fairy, our goal is to help you build a more sustainable life by offering you a line of reusable products. We offer products that last and that will help you reduce the amount of plastic you use.   

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