Ways to Conserve Trees




If you’re looking for tips on how you can conserve trees, here is a list of easy things you can do at home, in the office or on the go. 

1) Print less. Store information on your computer or phone. Invest in a portable hard drive to back-up your important files at home. 

2) Opt for paperless billing. Request your bills and correspondence by email instead of regular mail. 

3) Purchase paper products that use alternative sources in place of tree pulp such as bamboo which is a sustainable resource. Bamboo and sugarcane are grasses not hardwoods and grow very quickly (reaching maturity in up to 5 years), requiring very little light and water. 

4) Always print double-sided at your home or office. 

5) Use an e-reader or tablet. Instead of buying paper-back, try using an e-reader or tablet. If you prefer the paper version, borrow from the library, buy used, or organize a book swap in your community, at the office or with friends! 

6) Buy an online magazine subscription. Most magazines offer a better yearly online subscription rate than buying the paper version. 

7) Send e-cards. E-cards are great, and most are free! Paperless Post is one of our favorite e-card companies! 

8) Re-use gift bags or give your gift in a re-usable bag. 

9) Plant trees. Volunteer to plant trees or donate to tree planting organizations. 

10) Keep a reusable bottle or a mug for your beverages on hand and use it when you order a beverage instead of a paper one. 

11) Instead of tissue paper, use the hand dryer or let your hands air dry after you wash them in a public bathroom. 

12) Use compostable bowls, plates and cutlery for parties and entertaining instead of paper ones. 

13) Use cloth or tree-free napkins instead of the ones made from tree pulp. 

14) Buy tree-free or recycled paper towels instead of the ones made from tree pulp. 

15) Use cloth diapers instead of disposable ones. Check out your community diaper service company that will pick-up your soiled diapers and replace them with clean ones. 

16) Buy used wood furniture instead of brand new. You’ll save trees and save money! 

17)  Educate your children on tree conservation. Pass along your tree conservation tips to your family, friends and colleagues. 


Do you have any tree saving tips that you would like to share? 



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