Ways to Show Love for the Earth




The state of our environment is discouraging these days. Carbon dioxide levels are higher than ever, the global average temperature is steadily increasing, and sea levels are rising. We are also experiencing harsher seasons: the winters are colder than ever, and the summers are becoming unbearably hot. The worst part is many people do not believe that our planet is in danger. Show off how much you love the planet by incorporating all these practices into your daily life: 


  1. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Wherever Possible

Every person on this planet has a carbon footprint, and unfortunately that’s never going to change. Turn off your lights, use a blanket instead of turning on the heater, limit your shower time and your water usage, turn off your appliances when they’re not needed, carpool, adjust your diet if you can, ditch the dryer, take public transport, walk or ride a bike. No matter how big or small it might be, it is so much better than doing nothing at all! 


  1. Find Companies with a Green Initiative 

With climate change pushing life on Earth to the absolute brink, many companies have started to take part in green initiatives! We want sustainable companies to be the norm… So, give your love to those who are fighting for change, rather than those who are fueling the destruction. It’s so important in shaping the way of the future! 


  1. Eat Local & Organic

Regenerative and restorative agriculture is vital in maintaining the health of the Earth’s soil, which in turn, is vital in maintaining the health of the entire planet.  Not only does eating local, organic produce promotes a healthy Earth, but it also avoids the use of toxic chemicals and pesticides which harm you and the bees, but it also reduces carbon emissions, it supports your local community, it helps to conserve biodiversity and minimizes waste and pollution in all other areas too! 


  1. Become an Advocate!

Tell your friends, tell your family and post it on social media. Having this kind of conversation is often all it takes to plant a valuable seed. 


  1. Get out in Nature

Go outside. You cannot expect yourself to care about the health of the planet if you haven’t truly connected with it yourself. Take off your shoes and feel the grass, look up at the stars, smell the flowers, be thankful for the bees, go for a walk and admire nature. 


  1. Plant a Tree. 

It could be in your own back yard or head off and join a local tree planting day! 



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