We All Need to Stop 'Wishcycling'!




Wishcycling is the process of putting items in a recycling bin instead of the trash even if you’re not sure whether they are recyclable or not. Although common, wishcycling is a harmful practice that must be stopped. 


The items in your recycling bin are typically sorted by machines at recycling centers, not people. If something is thrown into your bin that shouldn’t be there, it could end up jamming the machine at the recycling center. Even something as small as a bottle cap could seriously damage these machines, which means your local recycling center could lose time and money every time you decide to wishcycle.  


Having just one non-recyclable item mixed in can contaminate the entire batch of recyclables. If a batch is contaminated, the recycling center will be unable to sell it, and the recyclables will not be recycled. 


If you ever find yourself in doubt about whether something should be recycled or not, don’t toss it in the bin without doing a little research. It only takes a few moments to Google the answer or call the recycling center to get clarification. You may think that it’s better to be safe by recycling anything you’re unsure of, but you’re doing more harm than good. 



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