What Can You Do to Help Fight Climate Change?





Here’s the simple things you can do to fight climate change: 

➡️ Think about how the food you eat is produced. Try the vegan and vegetarian options and buy eco-labelled products. 
➡️ Favor holiday destinations that are closer to home, in which you don’t need to take a flight. 
Avoid single-use materials and reuse as much as possible instead. 
➡️ If you can’t reuse, then recycle your waste. 
➡️ Take public transport, carpool, or cycle where possible. 
Think about how your clothes are made and buy sustainable fashion brands. 
➡️ Join a local activist group. If there is not one near where you live, then start your own. 
➡️ Carbon offset the carbon emissions that you can’t avoid.” 
➡️ Encourage your local politicians to support pro-environmental policies and show that you care about climate change. 
➡️ Increase your energy efficiency as much as possible. 



Even the smallest choice has an impact, and good choices, when added up, can ripple out to create a better world.⁠ 







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