What Can You Do to Protect Forests?



Why Are Forests So Important? They’re fundamental for the quality of the air we breathe, crucial for the quality of the rivers’ waters we all consume and for the regulation of the water cycle. They also play a key role in fighting climate change. 


Forests help minimize the impacts of storms and floods by controlling soil erosion as tree roots make the soil stronger. And have you ever imagined how life without forests would be? We take and transform forests’ raw materials like wood and timber and use them for several commodities. 


Why do forests need our protection and help? The equivalent to 1 football pitch of forest is lost every second, as a result, 17% of the Amazonian Forest has been lost over the last 50 years. And it’s not only trees – plants, animals, and insect species are disappearing every day at an alarming speed putting the Earth’s balance at risk. 


What can you do to help protect the forests? You can act. You can stop buying or buy fewer types of harmful products and look for the ones certified as fairtrade or coming from responsibly managed forests. If many people contribute to a reduction in demand, it will have a significant effect on the suppliers’ side. You can also spread this issue among your friends, family, and community and ask them to do the same within theirs. 


You can ask directly, businesses to change and to follow a more sustainable path by making specific suggestions or just sharing your concerns. If many people do it, organizations would understand you’re expecting something different from them and change would be facilitated. Try to have a positive impact on your organization or the organization you’re working with. Develop projects, ideas or communities in the countryside to help fight desertification and its implications. Inspire the change. 



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