Composting is an essential aspect of zero-waste, wherein organic wastes are recycled into valuable fertilizers for soil and plants. However, there are some materials that you do not compost due to their composition, and possible harmful additives to the compost. Here are some do’s and don'ts in composting: 


Do Compost 

  • Fruit scraps 
  • Vegetable scraps 
  • Eggshells 
  • Grass and plants 
  • Shredded blank paper and newspapers 
  • Cardboard 
  • Dried leaves 
  • Napkins and paper towels 
  • Jelly, jams, and preserves 


Don’t Compost 

  • Meat, oils, fat and grease 
  • Fish waste 
  • Dairy 
  • Citrus peels and onions 
  • Diseased plants 
  • Coated papers 
  • Animal feces 
  • Sawdust 




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