What You Can Do to Save The Planet





Global awareness of climate change is growing rapidly. Science has proven that our planet and species are facing a massive environmental crisis.   


But hope isn't lost. If we act together, we can make a positive difference. Here's how to do your bit to protect nature. 


  1. Turn off lights when you leave the room. During the day, open your curtains and enjoy natural light.
  2.  Use a reusable water bottle and stop buying plastic disposable bottles.  
  3.  When you can, walk or ride your bike and get some exercise! 
  4.  Reuse scrap paper for writing notes or creating crafts.  
  5.  Before buying anything new, search for used or free items!  
  6. Unplug unused chargers.  
  7.  Recycle cans, bottles, paper, books, and even toys.  
  8. Turn off the water when you’re brushing your teeth.  
  9. Put your computer to “sleep” instead of leaving it on with the screensaver running. 
  10. Keep your showers short to conserve water. 
  11.  Use reusable food containers for your lunch. 
  12. Choose rechargeable batteries, then recycle them when they die. 
  13. Borrow a digital book from the library — it's a great way to reduce waste. 
  14.  Stop using disposable bags, use reusable bags. 


Everything you do to help the planet makes a difference; whether you walk to school or help to clean up litter in your neighborhood. Let’s be mindful of our world. 



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