Which Fabrics Create Microplastics?



Ecologist Mark Browne at the University College Dublin found that that 85 percent of the microfibers discovered on shorelines were human-made materials commonly used in synthetic apparel made from such fabrics as polyester and acrylic. 

He also found that a synthetic garment could release up to 1,900 microfibers when washed in a washing machine. 

Even worse, researchers at the University of Plymouth, found that a 6kg wash load could release more than 700,000 microfibers! Since some of these fibers aren’t captured at the wastewater treatment facility due to their size and abnormal shapes, they end up in our oceans!! 😱💔🌊 

Follow best washing practices 🧺 Wash less often and at lower temperatures to preserve fabrics. Reduce spin speeds and only wash full loads to limit friction. 

Air dry when possible⁣ ☀️ 



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