Why Biking Improves Our Earth




Whether you’re an avid cyclist or an occasional rider–you’re doing more than you know to help improve our environment. Let’s look at 5 of the many ways riding a bike allows the Earth!


1) Biking does not pollute the air 

Cars are the primary cause of air pollution in the U.S. and the more people bike, the fewer cars there will be on the road causing pollution. 


2) Bicycles do not create carbon dioxide 

Cars emit high levels of carbon dioxide which is the main cause of global warming. Biking more and driving less helps to reduce this amount of carbon dioxide pollution. 


3) Biking does not create noise 

Biking reduces cars on the road and the noise that goes with them. This ultimately reduces noise pollution for people who live near busy roadways. 


4) Biking reduces congestion 

Congestion from cars clogs our roadways and adds to our stress while biking helps reduce the number of cars on the road–and alleviates stress and improves mental well-being! 


5) Biking requires less space and fewer roadways 

As more cars fill the roads, more roads must be built, and extra lanes added to existing ones. After a while this consumes open space that causes more water run-off which contributes to ground and water pollution. But creating bike paths or adding bike lanes to roads for cycling has tremendous beneficial effects for our land. 

Let’s not forget that cycling is meant to be fun! Most people ride a bike because it’s cheap, convenient, healthy and enjoyable, not just because it’s green. 


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